Tromso and Nordkapp

Artic Superior Cabin
Artic Superior Cabin on 6th deck

After the very sad event we have decided to continue with the blog of our trip. I know mum would have wanted us to continue and I’m dedicating the rest of the trip to her memory

We caught a flight from Oslo to Tromso, leaving an hour late and after a 2 hour flight we arrived in Tromso about 3 pm, around sunset. We had a few hours before meeting our driver and 3 other adventurers to catch the northern lights. It was cloudy around Tromso so our driver headed inland. After a couple of hours we arrived at the Finland border-still cloudy so we pressed further. Another hour and the sky cleared and we saw stars. We stopped and noted the temp was a brisk -26, a couple of degrees cooler than your average freezer. It was very difficult to operate at this temperature and the tiny green light we saw was very disappointing. We gave up after and started the 3 hour drive back to Tromso arriving after 3am.

We slept in and after breakfast walked around Tromso and enjoyed a few refreshing drinks before catching the Nordkapp, one of the Hurtigruten line of ships that ply up and down the Norwegian coast.┬áThose of us who remember Douglas Adams novel “the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” will remember Slartiartfast as the designer of the fiords of Norway. I must say that he has created a fabulous coastline

Cabin was OK but rocking motion took getting used to. Breakfast was delicious and the view were stunning. More to follow.

Tromso harbour view
View of Tromso harbour near our Hotel
Our transport for the trip North, the Nordkapp
The Local burger. At 6.15 K to the A$ it worked out at about 19 bucks. 24% GST.!!!!!!!!!!!
Tromso across harbour view
Across the harbour from our hotel
Kay heading North
Kay looking forward to the trip north just leaving Tromso