Paris – the city of lights

St Pancreas Station
The starting point of the Eurostar train St Pancreas in London

We left St Pancreas station about midday on the Eurostar. It wasn’t long before we were in the channel tunnel where the speed was a mere 160. After exiting the tunnel the driver put his foot down and we almost reached the 300km/h barrier but fell 2 km short. Still the fastest we have travelled on land.

Eurostar Speed
The highest speed attained by the Eurostar on the way to Paris. Very smooth and almost no noise.

We got off at Gar de Nord and checked into our hotel, The rooms are quite small in central Paris but comfortable. It was cool and misty rain but we managed to have a look around as we were close to the river Seine. The following day was cool and temp about 4 as we started our trip to the Palace at Versailles. Upon arrival it started to gently snow.

Palace of Versaellies
After seeing the way royalty and the aristocracy lived the highlife it was no wonder the ordinary French people revolted and got rid of the lot. Looking forward to the British doing something similar.

We got back to the hotel and went to the plac de Republic and saw the tributes around the monument to the recent terrorist activities in Paris.

Republic Monument

The following day dawned cool but sunny, a perfect day for a walk. We first went to the Eifel Tower and took the elevators to the top for a magnificent 360 degree around Paris from about 300 metres.

on the Eifel tower going up
After the Efiel tower
At the base of the tower. its a big sucker. Thousands of Japanese tourists and their bloody selfie sticks. They lost the war but have won the peace.

We walked back along the Seine and stopped off at Notre Dame, where we went inside and it sure is a rather large structure, once again full of Japanese.

Notre Dame viewed from the front entrence
Some of the hundreds of Gargoyles sticking out all over the place on the cathedral.
Kay about to go to confession in NoDametre


To all my cousins and friends from Poland and Australia

Dear cousins and Czocharas from Poland and other parts of the world, and to my friends and family in Australia. Thank you for all your messages of support and condolences on the passing of my mum Pat. Kay and I remember our Polish side very well from the trip we all did in 2001, 15 years ago. We still fondly remember all you Poles and the lavish feast you supplied and the free flow of Vodka, a memorable night. I hope we can get together once again and have another night like that. Once again thank you one and all for your messages and we wish you all and your families health, wealth and happiness.

Fondest regards Wally & Kay xxxxx