Finished with Scandanavia

Kay walking down the Stroget

After the rigours of the Snow Hotel we returned to the decadent life of warm hotel rooms. Flew out of Kirkenes frozen airport to Oslo where we spent the final night in Norway. The next day after a 1 hour flight we arrived in Copenhagen, about 4 degrees and showers, but NO snow, no more negative numbers for temperature. We walked the Stroget, one of the worlds first and longest walking street. The first thing we noticed was the lack of verandas in a wet climate, most unusual. The next thing we noticed was the price of things. At about 4 Kroner to the dollar a beer costs 35 – 38 Kroner, or about $9 bucks, no wonder you don’t see too many drunks on the streets. Staying only 2 nights and being wet and cold we did the tourist things and took bus rides and saw the sights of the city. We tried to con the guards at the palace, called Amalienborg, that we were cousins of Mary and that we had come all the way from Australia to catch up with her. We stayed in the part of town around the railway station, which in its former days was the red light district of Copenhagen, hence the signs? The next morning we took the train to the airport, funny how almost all notable cities in the world have trains from the airport to the CBD. The flight to London’s Heathrow took about 1.5 hours and we took up residence in a lovely hotel in Kensington.

Copenhagen City Hall
copenhagen railway station
Copenhagen Railway Station
The Little mermaid
electric charging station
Electric charging stations pop up all around the city
bicycles at railway station
A few of the bicycles at one of the railway stations
Real Men etc
One of the signs around the streets where we stayed
Real men 2
The other sign which frequented the district around the railway station
Windmills North sea
The little white things are a part of about 50 wind turbines sitting in the north sea halfway between Holland and England