Scandinavia & Europe 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHaving visited Scandinavia and Europe in the midst of winter we thought this time we might visit in the middle of summer with our neighbours and very good friends Don and Pam Cummins.

The plan is to meet up in Copenhagen with Don and Pam from where we board the cruise liner Magnifica for a 7 day trip up the Norway coast as far as past Bergan to the Geiranger fiord and back to Copenhagen.Geiranger

MSC Magnifica

This is the MSC Magnifica.

294 m long (MCG 170m), 2250 – 3605 passengers (probably mostly obese Americans), Speed =43km/hr, Tonnage 95,128

Still like all vessels its made of steel and can sink. When the captain gets pissed and sails too close to the shore – this can happen. And we all remember the Concordia.


We then take a train trip from Copenhagen to Stockholm in Sweden for a few days. The trip takes about 5 hours, at about 200 km/hr and over the Oresund Bridge,oresund bridge which itself is an engineering masterpiece. A total length of nearly 8000 metres, longest span of 490 metres and a maximum height over the water of 57 metres.

After Stockholm we fly to Helsinki for a few days to explore the city and its surrounds.

At this point Don and Pam travel onto St Petersburg and Moscow while Kay and I fly to Warsaw for a few days. It was 16 years ago we went to Poland and caught up with all my relatives, a wonderful occasion, this time just to view Warsaw and the surrounds and to practice my Polish.

From Warsaw we travel by train to Berlin for a stay of 4 days and to see around this historic and great city. First time for us in Berlin and we are keen to see some of the sights and try some German Beers.

After Berlin we fly to Singapore for a few days. we were last in Singapore about 30 years ago and we are keen to see it again and to have a Singapore sling at Raffles. From there we fly to Melbourne, arriving at ………. on the ……. of July. On the 13th July we are off to Sydney to watch Arsenal play a friendly game against Sydney FC.