2019 Summer Tour

Itinerary Summary

26th May 2019 leave Melbourne 5.00 am, via Dubai arrive in London 2.20 pm on the same day

Using the Park City Grand Plaza Hotel in Kensington as a base we spend the next 5 days there. might do a 1 day trip to Paris on the Eurostar.

1st June 2019 leave Gatwick for flight to Keflavik airport , Reykjavik in Iceland. We collect a car and do a 5 day self drive around Iceland before leaving for a flight to Lisbon via Amsterdam arriving in Lisbon on 7th June.

We spend the next week in Portugal using Lisbon as our base. Lots of day trips.

14th June we get a flight from Lisbon to Casablanca in Morocco. In Morocco we do a 7 day Peregrine tour of Morocco including Fez and Marrakech, before catching a flight to Tangier to Catch a ferry across the Straights of Gibraltar and a road trip to Malaga in Spain.

We spend a couple of days in and around Malaga before catching a flight to Valencia on the 25th June.

We then spend a week in Valencia and attend our young cousin Sylwia’s wedding to Juan Jose on the 29th June. We catch a flight from Valencia to Madrid before catching a flight to Singapore on 3th July.

After spending a few days in Singapore we fly back to Melbourne on 6th July 2019.