We left expensive Copenhagen on the train at about 10.30 am headed for Stockholm. We sped along at about 200 km/hr in some places but made several stops. The travel time was about 5 hours, and the distance is approx. 525 km, which isn’t particularly fast.

Stockholm extends over 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. Its population is about 2 million and has 70 museum.

In midsummer it has 21 hours of sunlight, in midwinter about 6 hours. Being the home of Ikea it has the worlds largest store covering about 5.6 hectares, and is the home of the Nobel prize. It is the home of the H&M stores, and invented Spotify.

The walking street, called Drottninggatan and runs for kms and extends over a bridge and into the old town. We found Stockholm to be very clean, friendly and a bit less expensive than Copenhagen. The Beer and the food was great and the weather was really tourist friendly with sunny days and tops in the 20’s.


On the train on our way to Copenhagen First class.


This was our hotel. The rooms were, I though somewhat small, but ok.


One of the many waterfront views around Stockholm.


This part of Drottninggatan, its longest and best known pedestrian street.


Drottninggatan extended into the old town which was full of eating places and the usual tourist shops selling expensive items.


Saw this young Asian lass who was obviously up to date with the fashion trends of the day.


This is the 17th century warship the Vasa, was under sail for about 20 minutes before it capsized and sank in the harbour. Now I’m not a nautical engineer but even I could see that it was very top heavy, especially when the King ordered a second row of Canons to be included. Its in amazing condition for being submerged in the Baltic sea for 300 years.


This is Kay in the narrowest street in the old town which at its narrowest  point is about 900 mm wide.



This is yours truly going up in the 4 man capsule to a height of 80 metres, where it was then tilted forward about 30 degrees before being released. The trip down took a natter of seconds to fall 70 metres before being stopped in the last 10 metres with a g force of about 3g, which was quite a stop. It cost 75 Swedish crowns, about 10 bucks, but well worth it, quite a ride. I have tried to include a video but haven’t had much luck, but will keep trying.

Now onto Finland and its capital Helsinki.


Hopefully this is the video of the free fall









One thought on “Stockholm

  1. Fred and Tammy June 27, 2017 / 10:36 am

    Nice pics and story again and you are a hero Wally daring to go in that thing. Brrrr


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