On board the MSC Magnifica

Finally my first post from the cruise ship Magnifica. Hope you make a few comments as the next one will be from Copenhagen and concerning the cruise and excursions.


Cabin 12066

This is a photo of our cabin on the MSC Magnifica looking from the corridor entrance towards the balcony on the 12th of 14 decks. Above us was the promenade deck and the swimming pools. Centrally heated/cooled, room service and very comfortable.


Departure from Copenhagen

We departed around 6 pm on Saturday 10th and steamed across the Baltic Sea towards Warnemunde on the German Coast. We were then to take a bus trip to Berlin. The trip across was calm.


Hotel Admiral

After a gruelling 20 hour flight we arrived in Copenhagen at 6 am and eventually checked into the Admiral Hotel. This was once a warehouse on the waterfront, but the rooms were comfortable. Around 5.30 pm Don and Pam checked in.


Lifeboat Drill

Just after the MSC Magnifica got under way we were instructed to attend a life boat drill. we were all assigned a section, which was imprinted on the life jacket. We unsaftened the jacket and placed it over our heads and experimented with the various gizmos, the FM radio on mine didn’t work. We then went to our allocated lifeboats, but didn’t go any further.


This was a waterside warehouse in Copenhagen with the windows stuffed with life vests. I suspect it was a statement about the treatment about the refugees.


Berlin Wall

Construction started in August 1961 and destruction completed in 1992. it was some 155 km in length and it is reckoned that in this period 5000 people attempted escape and about 200 died in the attempt. Only 3 sections are left standing, the longest is about 80 metres and is in the picture.


Beer Powered BMW

Germany is a world leader in Alternative Energy, and one of its car manufacturers, BMW, has developed a novel approach to the problem of preventing pollution. The vehicle in the picture was developed over several years and is undergoing further testing. Don and I reckon that put on a stability control system and seatbelts and it would sell in Australia.

The specifications are quite remarkable:

1 driver and up to 12 passengers/power input operators

pollution 0 gm/km

economy 136 litres of beer/100km

Top speed 8 km/hr



Brandenburg Gate

A very popular tourist spot the Brandenburg Gate was built by Fredrick William II in 1788 in the Neoclassical style. I’m not sure its so popular, its just another monument built by some monarch at enormous expense, but I’m not sure as to why he built it, I guess because he could.



Trabant or Trabi.

Produced from 1957 to 1990. about 3.,7 million were produced in East Germany. It was slow, noisy, uncomfortable and dirty with its 500 cc two-stroke engine. A good now will cost you about 2000 English pounds, about $AU3500. Saw a couple in the streets and is becoming a collectors item- so get in quick.



Checkpoint Charlie

Located near what’s left of the Berlin Wall is the structure that was “Checkpoint Charlie”, between the Soviet and American Sectors. Its now a favourite tourist spot and for the sum of 3 euros you can have your photo taken with a couple of ex-USA serviceman.














One thought on “On board the MSC Magnifica

  1. Fred and Tammy June 17, 2017 / 10:15 am

    It’s good to see you again, you look great and it seems you’re having a good time. Nice pictures and comments. Looking forward to your next story!


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