Barcelona – Bilbao

last night in Spain, trip is almost over.  Barcelona is just another large Spanish city of 4 million. Most live in 5-6 story apartment buildings that cover almost the whole of the city.


House of Lieo Morera
This is the house that most confuse with Gaudi. Once again hundreds of tourists and the notorious selfie stick.
This is the house of a former textiles tycoon and had Gaudi renovate it. It is known as Mila House.
The selfie and Japanese
These are some of the thousands of young Japanese tourists and the selfie stick. I happened to ask them how come young students could afford to travel the world taking selfies. They told me that their parents were working double shifts in the Toyota making Land Cruisers, Prado’s and Hilux utes for the Australian market
This is the famous Basilica of La Sagrada Familia. originally started by Gaudi in 1883. He worked on it up to his death in 1926. Work has continued in fits and starts up to the present stage. I personally think it will never be finished as its such a money spinner. 18 Euros each to enter, which can 30 mins to buy the ticket and another 2 hour wait to get in for a look. Didn’t seem to bother the Japanese much.
Part of the street known as the Ramblas
This is part of the street they call the Ramblas. Its about 1 km long and has dozens of portable shops and cafes. Very little harassment as it is well policed.
Bullring after conversion to a shopping centre
The residents and government of Barcelona banned bull fighting several years ago and turned the local bull ring into a modern shopping centre. A much better option than tormenting bulls to death.


Kay in front of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao
The Guggenheim designed by Frank Gehry and covered in sheets of Titanium


The Guggenheim museum at night time from the bridge across the river.

This is the last post from Spain as tomorrow (Wed local) we leave for Hong Kong and face a trip to Dubai of 6.5 hours and then onto Hong Kong and a 7 hour trip.




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