We left Paris via the Charles de-Gaulle airport a freezing 4 degrees. After a 2 hour flight arrived in sunny Madrid, a very pleasant 20 degrees. We stayed in the city centre and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Madrid, a city of over 6 million.

Our Hotel in Madrid Centro

We took a tour of Madrid and saw all the usual tourist sights including the Bull Ring which is still being used.  I find it difficult to understand how the Spanish consider torturing  a bull to death is a sport, I guess its similar to our duck hunters consider slaughtering our water birds a sport.

Madrid bull fighting ring
The Madrid Bull Slaughtering ring

We visited the commercial end of Madrid and saw these two leaning towers, they lean at the same angle as the famous Pisa leaning tower, about 4 or 5 degrees from vertical.

The leaning towers of Madrid

We also saw the stadium of the famous Real Madrid Football team. A huge stadium that can hold over 80,000 spectators.

Real Madrid Stadium

The next day we took a tour of Toledo. a very old town built on a hill with lots of narrow streets and lots of churches. I learnt more about the catholic religion that day from our guide than all the years I spent in Maryborough at Saint Augustine’s Primary school.

Toledo as seen from the next hill

The following day we took the very fast train from Madrid to Seville. The trip is about 540 km and takes about 2 and a half hours. Imagine leaving Melbourne Southern Cross station and arriving in Sydney Central a little over 3 hours later instead of the current 9 hours. We all know it isn’t going to happen.

The very old Islamic Tower in Seville

Seville was delightful, a mixture of the old town with its hundreds of narrow winding streets, where one can easily get lost, to the wide streets in the modern Seville.

Kay doing some window shopping in old Seville

Seville still tortures bulls in the bull ring but we and an English couple let our guide know that we considered it barbaric and something a civilised society wouldn’t participate in. He agreed with us.

Inside the Seville Bull Ring

We also came across this very old and very large plaza in Seville and were at a loss to work out what purpose it served other than to entertain hundreds of Japanese tourists with selfie sticks and Americans on segways.

Grand Plaza

That same evening we left Seville on another fast train for Valencia. We got very close but only got to 299 km per hour. Bit of a shame as I really wanted to crack the 300 barrier. Maybe next time.

almost 300km]h on train to Valencia




2 thoughts on “Madrid-Seville

  1. Janet Masson February 28, 2016 / 12:29 pm

    Tourist always travel fast – Rochelle went to Seville in 1990 and said the history was barbaric – come home soon to Aust


  2. Amanda Marshall February 28, 2016 / 2:30 pm

    With you on the bull fighting and the duck hunting. Neither are sports! Glad to see you have both thawed out in sunny Spain and haven’t lost your sense of humour. Still warm, sunny and really dry at home. Enjoy


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