Arsenal 2 – Leicester City 1

emirates03 (2)
Wally standing on the bridge under his hero Thierry Henry

Just crossed off one of the 5 major items on my bucket list. Kay and I reconnoitered the Emirates stadium on the Sat so we knew where we were going on the Sunday. We arrived rather early for a 12 pm start, giving ourselves a good 2 hour period of grace. The temperature was a rather refreshing 5-6 degrees and a slight wind at us meant it felt almost as cold as the snow hotel. The teams appeared 30 minutes for a warm up session before the match started on time. We sat among the Arsenal fans and were drowned out by the noise when the gunners appeared. Play was down our end most of the time where arsenal were attacking. Howls of displeasure erupted when an obvious Leicester handball was missed. I immediately thought of the AFL umpire “Razor” Ray when he umpires the Collingwood games. A weak penalty  was given to Leicester and a goal resulted. The Arsenal supporters were not happy.

After half time Arsenal still had the majority of the play and after 15 minutes one of the Leicester players was deservedly sent off for his second yellow card. Arsenal attacked and eventually scored the equalizing goal by Theo Walcott. Fans were screaming for the winning goal and in the last minute of 4 minutes of time on, Danny Welbeck headed the winning goal. Boy did the Arsenal fans give it to the Leicester fans, they gave them heaps and every Arsenal supporter left the ground deliriously happy. It was a fantastic feeling, one almost as good as the parachute jump of 20 years ago

It was a tremendous feeling, 3 of the 5 items checked off the bucket list, Parachute jump, Northern Lights, Arsenal playing, and winning at the Emirates Stadium. Only 2 to go.

emirates10 (1)
Kay in front of the home of the Gunners. The Emirates Stadium
Us sitting on the upper deck of an almost empty stadium. We got there a bit early
emirates03 (1)
Half an hour before kick-off and the stand was starting to fill
emirates09 (2)
Line up for the pleasantries before the start of the game
Some action in the penalty area with Arsenal attacking
After the game all the happy Arsenal supporters leaving the stadium



2 thoughts on “Arsenal 2 – Leicester City 1

  1. Fred and Tammy February 15, 2016 / 8:04 am

    We have seen the match, excited till the last minute! We were really happy for you to see a match like that.


  2. Leanne Shay February 16, 2016 / 11:42 am

    I’m so happy for you Wally!! Brilliant!!!


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